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Welcome From Karl - Year 5

Public lands, wild birds, gun dogs and upland bird hunting in Idaho and other Western States.  It won't take you long flipping through our dozens of pages to realize this is what our Web site is about!  Don't let the Idaho in the name fool you, this site is about bird hunting in the Western United States and of course all the other things we love to do outdoors.  I just live in Idaho and that's the Home Base for all the adventures on this Web site.

It's hard to believe that it has already been three years since we started this adventure.  It has been incredibly fun and I personally have gotten to know some awesome people. 

There are some great additions to the site I'd like to point out our Member Contribution pages.  Jason has been on board describing his fishing and hunting adventures for nearly the whole three years.  Jim has started to post his fishing pictures and spots on Jim's Flyline.  Jackson is the most recent Member Contributor and he fishes Steelhead and Salmon as much as I bird hunt.  Kirklan from Utah has started to contribute his blogs and pictures too, on Kirklan's Adventures.  Kirklan is an avid bird hunter and outdoorsman and his stories put you right there with him.  I think you'll enjoy what each member has to offer.  

We are looking for more member contributors!  The best part is for a limited time you can have your own page for free.  Email me so we can get your page started.

I'd like to also point out the forum.  The input has picked up and you, our members, are providing much in the way of useful information, great pictures and personal insight.  The forum is the fastest growing part of and I hope you'll become part of the discussion.

There are many new ideas in the works.  We believe the site is far from the static boredom you'll find on many other upland related Web sites. 

Thanks for visiting

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Karl's Journal Entries of Previous Years

The first dove of the day was a great opportunity…the stage was set perfectly for me to open my game bag and let it fly in, but overconfidence ruins many plans. I was walking into a strong wind when I noticed a dove working hard and more importantly slowly towards me, but still downhill a ways. I’m thinking…Awesome…first bird is going to be an easy one, I wonder how Z is going to react, will she retrieve, ok get ready, gun up, geezzz gun down arms are tired, wow it’s turning right towards me, where is Z?, my nose itches…as slow as the this bird was flying I really had all these thoughts!! Finally my gun was up tracking the bird, don’t aim just point, let your left hand lead, move all the way through the shot…BANG! BANG!….WHAT THE *()&*&%^^*%* BANG! Ok I could have refrained from the third shot…the bird was in Oregon by then! Z was about 50 yards down range, where she obviously expected the bird to be…I just turned and started walking, head down. But I did redeem myself. Hard hiking and improved shooting paid off with 9 dove in the bag and only one unfound to feed the coyotes…Z has some new retrieving training, starting tonight! ”

Read the rest of this story
and many others from Lucky Peak hunts.


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